Hey all – Adam and Svend here!

Wow! We are absolutely stoked that we have smashed our funding target for Summer of Sonic 2016! We would like to express our gratitude, on behalf of ourselves and the entire Summer of Sonic team, to all those who have pledged so generously and helped get us to our funding goal so quickly.

We are honoured that so many of you have faith in Summer of Sonic 2016 even before we have made any announcements regarding guests or events. We have received a boatload of kind messages conveying well wishes and joy that we are bringing the event back in the 25th anniversary year, and it has reminded us that Summer of Sonic means a lot to so many.Thank you all so much!

  • So…what next? Although we are coming up to half way through our campaign, we are far from finished with fundraising! Over 650 invites have been pledged for so far, and more are being pledged for every day! If you are still wishing to visit Summer of Sonic 2016, we suggest pledging sooner rather than later; considering the imminent announcements, they won’t last long! Remember, Kickstarter will not take payment until after the Kickstarter concludes, so don’t wait for payday in order to pledge!
  • Pledging for extra T-Shirts: Many of you have asked if you can pledge for extra T-Shirts to your tier…and you can! Simply add £15 to your pledge – every extra £15 pledged above the minimum amount required for that tier will get you one extra T-Shirt!
  • Guest Announcements! Keep your eyes firmly fixed on our social media accounts and our website – we will be announcing our very first guests!
  • Stretch goal #1! We are overjoyed we have already reached our initial funding target, but aspirations won’t stop there! We will announce our first stretch goal on Monday 18th of April! 
  • New Reward Tiers! Any die-hard Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise collectors will want to be sat on our Kickstarter page on Monday 18th of April, as we launch a some VERY exclusive tiers which will include a VERY limited edition piece of Official Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary merchandise! They will go fast, so if you want to get your hands on one, we suggest you keep your eyes firmly glued to the Kickstarter that day!
  • VIP Tier – one more chance! We will be releasing the last 10 VIP tier invitations on Monday 18th of April, after which we will be offering no more! Don’t miss your chance for an incredible Summer of Sonic experience!

Thank you all again for all of your support, and keep sharing our Kickstarter to push us towards our first stretch goal!

Adam & Svend