Over Half Of SOS 2016 Invites GONE! New Tiers Introduced!

Hey all! Adam and Svend here again from the Summer of Sonic team!

We are so pleased to see that even after the initial rush, our project still has fantastic momentum, and at day 5 we have already exceeded the 80% funding mark! This is absolutely fantastic news, and means we should hopefully reach our target in a matter of days. A huge thank you to everyone who has pledged so far; it is great to see that so many support Summer of Sonic even before we start our ever-growing list of exciting announcements for special guests, activities and much, much more!

We have now had pledges for over half of the number of invites we can offer for Summer of Sonic 2016. Again as we have detailed in our project description, Summer of Sonic 2016 is purely invite only, and the only way to receive an invite is to help us make the event happen through pledging. We have received a number of messages asking if it is possible to receive an invite to Summer of Sonic 2016 after the Kickstarter campaign concludes – unfortunately this will not be possible, as we have no way to guarantee we will have any space left by the time the Kickstarter ends. If you are considering coming to Summer of Sonic 2016, our suggestion is to pledge now and avoid disappointment!

The following are reward tier updates that have been made in response to requests we have received:

  • SONIC’S SCHOOL HOUSE: This is a new tier, that we hope will accommodate those who want to visit with young families. This tier reward includes TWO Summer of Sonic invitations, PLUS TWO invitations for children that are aged 5 or under
  • SONIC TRIPLE TROUBLE: This tier was more popular than we initially anticipated, so we have released more
  • SONIC 3D BLAST: In addition to requests for more 3 x invite combinations, we have also added this new tier, which includes THREE Summer of Sonic invitations and THREE event T-shirts

Again, please make sure you keep coming back to this Kickstarter Page, even if you’ve already pledged, because we have some ideas for new reward tiers that will definitely get some of you very excited! Please keep sharing our Kickstarter campaign page – the more we can raise, the bigger and better Summer of Sonic 2016 will be.

Let’s race towards our target at Sonic speed!
Adam & Svend