24 Hours Since Announce… WOW!

Hi guys, Svend and Adam here from the Summer of Sonic team. Since we announced the 2016 convention and launched the Kickstarter project yesterday, we’ve been keeping an eye on the interest from the Sonic community… and we are honestly blown away by the initial response!

We reached half of our target goal in just five hours, and right now we’ve crowdfunded more than £13,000! That’s huge, and an incredibly promising start to our journey! Thank you so much for your continued support; as we’re a show by fans, for the fans, we’re touched that you all want to be a big part of the show.

Over the next week, the core Summer of Sonic team will begin (virtually) sitting in a (virtual) brainstorming room, planning out ideas for the activities that we want to set out for the day. We have some broad ideas already sketched out, but we don’t want to put the cart before the horse – you’ll hear more from us once we’re able to hit our target goal!

Do please make sure you keep coming back to this Kickstarter Page, even if you’ve already pledged, because we have some ideas for new reward tiers (and, if we get that far, stretch goals) that we hope will surprise you! It’s all in aid of making Summer of Sonic 2016 the absolute best we can make it, so we hope you’ll stay excited with us!

We’ll stay in touch!
Svend & Adam