Tell Us What Summer of Sonic Means To YOU!

Greetings fellow Sonic fans!

This year, we’re reaching out to you, the backers and fans of Summer of Sonic, and offering you a chance to be a part of the event (even if you can’t make it here on the day!). All you have to do is create and post a video, preferably on YouTube, of you telling us what Summer of Sonic means to you!

Gotta go fast though, as submissions need to be in no later than July 11th! Please make sure all submissions are in a horizontal (that’s lengthwise!) form, and (this is the important one!) NO LONGER THAN 30 SECONDS and submit an email with video link to

We’re looking forward to all your way past cool submissions!

With regards,

The Summer of Sonic team!

1 thought on “Tell Us What Summer of Sonic Means To YOU!”

  1. Really looking forward to this !!
    Very good organisation already, and the rewards, the place, the guests…… this is gonna be AMAZING!!!

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