Play Sonic Mania and More at Summer of Sonic’s Game Zone

It’s been a very exciting weekend for Sonic fans – if you’ve been keeping up with the latest blue blur news, you’ll have seen and heard all about the cool new things revealed by our friends at SEGA America during Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations in San Diego.

Sonic Mania

We can proudly announce that Sonic Mania, a new 2D adventure by the minds behind the re-release of Sonic CD, will be available to play on the Summer of Sonic show floor. We will have a number of PCs hooked up ready for you to play throughout the day.

Announced during the Sonic 25th Anniversary Celebration, this is a new game that doubles as a love letter to the 16-bit generation. Classic levels such as Green Hill Zone are given a new twist, and are joined by all-new stages like Studiopolis. Sonic also has a brand new move called the Drop Dash, which allows him to charge through obstacles as soon as he hits the ground!

Check out the trailer above and we hope you’ll look forward to playing this at Summer of Sonic 2016. This will be a queued event, due to the imminent popularity of the game, so please bear this in mind.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Sonic Mania won’t be the only game on show within Summer of Sonic’s Game Zone. Our friends at SEGA and Nintendo are planning to provide a number of 3DS pods with demos of the latest in the Sonic Boom series, Fire & Ice. Arriving later this year, the game was showcased at E3 2016 to a number of positive reviews from the Sonic community, so this will be a rare chance to see the game for yourself before release.

Retro Sonic Games, Courtesy of Joypad

This being Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary, we felt it was only natural to celebrate the journey that the blue blur has taken over the years. This is why Summer of Sonic has teamed up with Joypad to give fans a chance to replay a selection of titles from Sonic’s history! A lot of these stations will include multiplayer titles so you can enjoy playing Sonic with your fellow show-goers.

We hope you’ll enjoy what we have to offer at Summer of Sonic 2016; we’re hoping to have our best show ever this year, and you can still purchase tickets for the show on our hub site here:

More updates to come! See ya soon!
Svend & Adam

Event Announcement: Nevermind The Buzzbombers Trivia Quiz


Greetings everyone! Dave here and I’m back with everybody’s favourite convention game show of Sonic themed madness, mess and mayhem, Never Mind the Buzzbombers!

Two teams will do battle in a series of games and challenges designed to prove who has the greatest knowledge of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Our first team captain is none other than Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne! Svend is back and ready to pit his knowledge of all things Sonic against his opponent and second team captain Dr Adam Tuff (that’s right, one of our team captains is now a Dr and if he thinks that’s going to help him then he came to the wrong game show!). Each team will be joined by a special guest who will assist them in victory. Who are those special guests? Well that’s a surprise!

Each team roster will be completed by two lucky guests from the audience! If you want a chance to help your team captain to victory and win some amazing prizes in the process.

“How do I get picked?” I hear you ask. Just make sure you’re at the main stage for the start of the event, and make sure the Captains know you are the one to pick! Feel free to hold up signs, hire a sky writer, or invade the venue with a badnik army – the most stand out guests in the audience are the most likely to get picked!

Will Svend return to reclaim his crown!? Will Adam design and build us a Death Egg!? Will the air conditioning bill be paid!? Be sure not to miss this year’s competition!